Bashan Technology Co., Ltd.  founded in 2015,which  specialize in Internet resource integration, resource export and software development. Guided by the service enterprise IT cloudization and the help of “Internet +”, the company continuously increases R&D investment and enhances independent innovation capability. With data processing, storage, transmission and acceleration as the core, the company will promote the upstream and downstream integration of Internet cloud infrastructure services. The cloud-to-end industry extension provides cloud-based services and technical support for the Internet economy. At the same time, Bashan Technology belongs to the member of the Sichuan Internet Association. The company has a technical team composed of excellent and experienced IT experts. They have a tacit cooperation in product development, promotion and maintenance, and deeply understand the meaning of “customer-centered”. The “service” runs through every detail of the company's operation and management, and wins the trust and support of customers. Bashan Technology always adheres to the enterprise tenet of “achieving ideals and contributing to the society”, practicing the enterprise spirit of “sincerity, equality, diligence and innovation” and implementing the corporate mission of “preaching, teaching and confusing”, which is cordial, open and rigorous. The management of the company's culture and scientific norms condenses a large number of outstanding talents. As a well-known Internet company in China, Bashan Technology has always adhered to the responsibility concept of “bringing the information gap and sharing the knowledge society” and insisting on fulfilling the social responsibility of corporate citizens. Since the establishment of the company, Bashan Technology has actively invested in public welfare undertakings with its own advantages. It has invested huge resources to create a special Internet convenient information transmission for disabled people, children and the elderly, and solved the problem of special groups accessing the Internet and greatly compensated for social information. The problem of the divide. In terms of accelerating China's informationization process and purifying the network environment, Bashan Technology has also been leading the industry. In 2019, Bashan Science and Technology will further manage and practice public welfare undertakings in a systematic and standardized manner around topics such as knowledge education, environmental protection and disaster relief in Sichuan. 银泰广东11选5开奖 汇丰BBIN波音馆官网 菲律宾申博IM申博时时彩平台怎么样 美高梅游戏赌博
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